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Tara Mackey is a human behavior expert with a tribe of over 1 million readers of her blog, The Organic Life and her social media. In WILD Habits, this award-winning CEO and biologist brings you transformational healing techniques, showing you how to achieve complete body and mind restoration, by using her highly developed four-step WILD Method.

Do you ever feel dissatisfied with your life or struggle with bad habits you can't seem to quit?



"Tara is an unstoppable force on the power of self-care, healing and the science behind becoming your best self. Her ability to speak to anyone dealing with a crisis in WILD Habits makes her a new thought leader inthe space of self-improvement. A must-read!"

Adrian Grenier, actor and UN Environmental Goodwill Ambassador

"Tara is extremely resilient. A woman who has overcome the most extreme circumstances to nd optimal well-being and spiritual solace within. If you are on a healing journey and ready to explore the WILD within, you will savor the hard-earned wisdom in this book."

Latham Thomas, best-selling author of Own Your Glow:A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within

"For anyone looking to break a negative habit and change their life permanently, WILD Habits is a must-read! Tara shares her inspiring story to health and teaches you all the essential tools to creating your best life!"

Nikki Sharp, celebrity health coach and best-selling author of The 5-Day Real Food Detox

"Tara is beautiful, raw, and real. Tara uses her own story along with others to show you how to conquer harmful habits and patterns of the pastand transform yourself from within to live the life you always dreamt of. WILD Habits is a must-read for those willing to take responsibility fortheir lives and finally step up to the plate."

James Ambrosini, professional rugby player

Tara has done it again! By learning the WILD Method and habits pre-sented in this book, you will be able take your health to the next leveland transform your life for the better. This fresh perspective on wellnessis a game changer."

Dr. Will Cole, functional medical doctor

WILD Habits is one of the most helpful and powerful books of its kind. Beautifully written, this book has practical, approachable, and easy-to-digest techniques for creating the life you want. Be inspired by stories of resilience and triumph. Tara speaks from the heart and will surely help to open yours.

Jenny Hutt, American TV and SiriusXM radio host, author